Personal Work

Aviation Logo

logo for a fictional aviation company

This logo was inspired by my time working in aviation. I noted that many aviation companies did not utilize any components of aviation in their logos, so I decided to fix that. For this aviation company I decided to put a creative touch on the logo, embedding it into the simplified graphic of an aircraft.

Seattle Timbermen

logo for a fictional hockey team

This is the logo of a conceptual hockey team based out of Seattle. The colours and themes are all based upon the setting of Washington State.

Creative Process

creative process for a logo

In this graphic I demonstrate my creative process during the development of a logo for my brand. The numbers document my step by step progression in the development of my logo.


advertisement poster

This advertisement was my first ever practical application of a graphic work. Created before my entry into the SAIT NMPD program, I used my creative abilities to make this flyer for my uncles landscaping business. The increase in business calls he received was considerable.

Hockey Player

digital illustration of a hockey player

Attempting to forge a connection between old and new media, I created this character using a drawing pad on illustrator.

Podcast Cover

digital illustration of a beaver

This stylized beaver was created in illustrator to provide a cartoon-like visual for the cover art of a podcast.