Brand Guide

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Inglewood is one of my favourite communities in Calgary. One of the original settlements in Calgary, Inglewood is rich in history and culture. Testement to this, is the thriving indie community which calls the rustic Calgary hipster hub home. Indie nacho resteraunts aside, Inglewood has something to offer for everyone, soul soothing blues bars, cowboy apparel shops, antique shops, hanted houses, Inglewood is the place to be. It is because of my admiration of this bustling suburb that I decided to dedicate a brand package to it. One which personifies the many flavours of Inglewood.

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For the logo I tried to breakdown Inglewood into a single charachter, a generalization of the entire community. The result of my trials was a dancing cowboy playing an electric guitar.

interactive poster during animations

The fonts and colours of Inglewood compliment the community beautifully.

Marketing Video

Marketing video that showcases the many activities and places to go.